• Vocal Recording Academy

    Explore contemporary vocal techniques employed in pop/rock songs. From breathing techniques to phrasing, experience real studio recording time with your favorite songs. Share it with your family and the world on social media platforms! Classes are grouped according to age:
    Junior : 5 to 8 years old
    Primary : 9 - 12 years old
    Teens : Above 13 years old
    Adults : Above 20 years old

    Course Fees per 10 lessons (1 hour each):
    $380.00 per student | max 3 students per group

  • Vocal Tuition (Individual)

    Looking for private lessons on vocals or pursuing a continuing education in singing by obtaining examination grades by reputable boards such as LCM or Rockschool? The vocal coach will provide private instruction to help you and prepare for music exams, concerts and recitals.
    Course Fee per 4 lessons (45 mins each): $200.00 to $280.00

  • Chinese

    Love a Chinese or Cantonese song or two for a performance or karaoke session? Or simply to fulfill a dream of recording a childhood song during Xinyao period?
    We have bilingual vocal coaches to help bring out the best in you and to help with with diction. This course is available in group or individual setting.