Music Courses for all Ages

If you are seeking music lessons, it may be that you've always wanted to pick up a guitar, have a passion for singing or playing the piano or want to stretch yourself and learn something new. Our music teachers can help you develop a new talent as well as continuing to help musicians looking to polish and prepare for music exams, concerts and recitals.

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Music Program

Vocal Courses

The courses are conducted in group or individual basis for students who like to sing leisurely or obtain examination grades. Students will also be exposed to studio recording for a better experiential learning. Suitable for all ages!

Guitar Courses

Ever dreamt of shredding awesome lines on the electric guitar or strumming pop songs on the acoustic guitar? Systematic instruction and structured syllabus to enable you to learn all aspects of the instrument.

Piano Lessons

Learning the piano is foundational to general musicianship. Students can either focus on classical techniques applicable to examinable grades by ABRSM, or learn how to play your favorite tunes in the pop piano class.

Music Theory

This course will provide students the skills needed to read and write music notation. It will cover material such as pitches and scales, intervals, clefs, rhythm, form, meter, phrases and cadences, and basic harmony.

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  • Sia has learned singing since she's eight years old. She has recently gotten a merit in her Grade 3 Rockschool Vocal Performance Exam.

  • Kezia has been learning singing since 12 years old and this is her 3rd attempt at cover song recording and she's 14 when she recorded this song.

  • Xihan has been learning singing since 6 years old and she emerged as the champion for a singing competition by Starhub Maxtoon Channel.

  • A collaboration project with Snow City Singapore to film the popular song "Let it go" with eight students ages 5 to 10 years old.

  • Carlos has taken singing lessons for 2 years since he was 5 years old. This is his 4th attempt at recording. He was awarded a merit for LCM pop vocal Grade 3 exams.

  • Tricia has been a singing student since 2015 and has been awarded a distinction in LCM pop vocals Grade 1 exams. She currently preparing for her next grade.

  • Bhoomika loves singing and dancing since young. She has participated and sang for many government and corporate events and well loved by many.

  • This lovely pair of siblings, Athena and Audi have been attending classes together for more than a year. They enjoy singing together and sang this mandarin pop duet.